Having a Little Hope: Why I Foster

It’s not as though I can’t fill my days. Or nights. Or weekends.  It’s not because the house is empty; it most certainly is not thanks to Edie, Echo, Hannah, Portia and Blanche. It’s because I know I can help Hope to a forever home by having her live and learn temporarily in mine.

Hope came to me in mid-July as a VERY scared 3 year old pup who was terrified of all new people, sounds, places, and experiences. When I put her on the grass the night she came, she collapsed to her belly, shaking uncontrollably. She lasted 2 whole days before she gave up and went to the potty. She did not eat while I was in the room for 2 weeks. The first time she stepped on a dead leaf that crackled, she bolted away looking for a safe place.

Over the next several weeks, I worked to give Hope lots of new experiences to build her trust and confidence. She went to church with me. She went to visit at a local nursing home. She learned to take treats from my hand. She learned that it is okay to go through a doorway. She learned to walk on a leash. She actually started to enjoy a car ride. Most importantly, she learned that people can be her friends.

Hope left me on Sept 21 to go to her new home. When she saw her new family come through the door, her first reaction was to hide behind a chair–or look for her safe crate. But after a few minutes, when her new ‘dad’ sat down on the floor, she went over to him and snuggled up as close to him as she could!

THIS is why I foster pups for a local rescue. Because if I can make the world a better place for ONE pup, I will! It is my way of saying thank you to all of the wonderful dogs I have had over the past 32 years.

Have a great life, little Hope–I will miss you.