Redfern Canines Seminar Series

Listed seminars are available at Redfern. Interested people should contact Redfern at .

New Puppy 101

Dates to be announced

Pre-registration is recommended for this FREE seminar.

A 2-hour FREE seminar, presented by local dog professional Betsy Howell CPDT-KA, for people with new puppies/dogs (or who are planning to get a new dog). Designed to help with the challenges and opportunities of beginning life with a new 4-footed family member, including housetraining, crate usage, dog-proofing, socialization, behavior challenges, etc.

The Power of the Click

This is a 2-day seminar in which the basics of clicker training (operant conditioning) are explained, demonstrated, and practiced.

Learn how to use markers and positive reinforcement techniques to teach your dog how to:

  • Behave appropriately around people and other dogs
  • Improve competition skills
  • Overcome fears
  • Come when called
  • Walk nicely beside you
  • Retrieve any item
  • Do tricks
  • And many other skills

Time will be provided for hands-on practice during the day.

The Healing Power of a Dog

[AAT/AAA for Therapy Dog Handlers (No Dogs)]

Dates to be announced

This 9 hour seminar will teach handlers about the different types of therapy visits, how to prepare the dog and handler for a therapy visit and how to create a professional therapy session.

First Aid for Your Dog

This 4-hour seminar will teach owners how to recognize canine emergency situations and how best to treat the dog until medical care can be obtained. Participants will also learn how to take canine vital statistics and what are normal levels for those statistics.


Dates to be announced

This is a 3 session seminar (6 hours of total instruction) which includes instruction in maximizing the usage of your camera, learning techniques for setting up a great photo, and training your dog to pose for the picture.