Business NOT as usual

It is with regret and frustration that I have made the decision to cancel all Redfern Canines’ classes for the period from March 14 through April 30. This is not a lightly made decision, but it is one that is out of my control because of the need to curtail the coronavirus Covid-19 by limiting our social interactions.

I hope that you understand that Redfern’s goal remains helping you make your dog the very best dog that you have ever had! And I hope that, after all of this is over, we will see you and your pup in another Redfern course!

As soon as the current limitations on business activities is lifted, we will create a new training schedule and we will try to give you advance notification of that schedule. So please watch your email for a note from us when you hear about the Governor’s lifting of restrictions.

I am truly sorry and disappointed to have been unable to complete your course with us and hope that you understand.

Please stay safe and healthy and give those wonderful pups of yours a little extra love and attention in this difficult time. They will love the attention and you will feel better for it!