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About our Dog Training Center

Redfern Canines is a training and education center for training families and their dogs. Our main objective is to help you teach your dog to become a well-behaved, pleasant member of your family. We train using positive reinforcement techniques to help your dog develop confidence and a desire to make good choices. Our facility is owned and run by professional dog trainer Betsy Howell who has over 25 years of experience training all breeds and ages of dogs.

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Certified Instructor

Redfern takes pride in the fact that our Director of Training is the first trainer in the Harrisburg/Central Pennsylvania Area to achieve the CPDT-KA certification.

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Dog Training Program

Redfern Canines offers quality dog training opportunities for owners who take their responsibilities seriously. We provide a wide variety of dog training programs for all levels of experience.

Labrador Retriever Puppies

Redfern Canines is dedicated to providing healthy, well-socialized Labrador puppies. Our puppies are bred to produce a temperament, health and physical structure that raises the bar for quality.


The class was very well planned, great class size and the instruction time was perfect. It was a pleasure from beginning to end. – Francine W

By last class my dog behaved well enough that I could shake hands with another student, who also had their dog! – Jess F. (Come & Go)

Luna and I mostly enjoyed the quality bonding time and learning new skills for training in order to continue building onto them in the future. – Alexis S.

I loved this class (K9 Sampler). Betsy is wonderful. So knowledgeable, kind, warm, patient. Enjoyed the other students as well. Jackson and I received a lot of support and encouragement. Was a fun experience we looked forward to each Saturday. – Nicole N.

All the exercises were fun & kept the dogs interested. – Karen P.

The class was well structured and each moment invaluable. Every experience was a learning experience and every discussion contained additional tidbits to use.

I hadn’t been through a training course in many years. The last time I took a dog through training, it was very rigid…use a stern voice…lures were not used as much (I didn’t use them but some did)…large classes and facility. The venue was much nicer (carpet!) and the technique was so different. It took me some time to get used to it.

 The thing I liked most was learning a training technique that can be used to teach the dog literally anything at any time.

It was wonderful to see all the owners and their pups bond through training. The instructor’s method had all the attendees all work together and created a very friendly team that cheered each other on. – Rosa D.

Having had some training experience prior to class, Roseanne was able to 1) build on what I knew, 2) clarify what I could do better and 3) answer questions specific to the dog, and 4) most importantly, she assured me that our dog’s behaviors were ‘normal’ and encouraged me to be patient! He came a long way over the course of five weeks. – Donna S.

This training was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to not only have Xander learn the basics, but I needed to learn the basics and how to teach and reinforce them in him.

In 6 weeks we have seen a very noticeable change. He absolutely loves training and gets excited when i ask him to ‘perform’ behaviors or tricks for treats. – Heather M.

I am looking forward to taking other classes. Thank you for a job very well done! – Heather M.

The smaller class size really allowed each dog and parent to receive individual attention as needed. All dogs were treated equally and each given ample opportunity to be used as examples for showing a skill and getting the most delicious treats.

What surprised you most in this course? How well Sadie went from a super nervous dog to feeling relaxed and confident. – Margaret W.

What did you like most about the training program? Knowledgeable instructor, comfortable facility, class size, welcoming and accepting learning atmosphere. – Karen L.

Roseanne was great! Very knowledgeable and friendly. Used great examples to explain how/why training techniques are used and work. Thank you for teaching us! – Allison G.

Roseanne gave all of us individual attention and tailors the class to each student. She assesses each student and gives guidance specific to each. This is a wonderful class. (Advanced Manners) – Nicole N.

I loved seeing how much Otto enjoyed it. The first class he was scared to go in the door and by the end he knew what night it was and where we were going, he was so happy to go. – Jennifer C.

I just want to thank our instructor for an amazing class. We truly enjoyed it and we plan to return in a few weeks to learn more. – Debbie M

I especially liked the homework assignment reading about what dog was bred for. It helped me & my husband appreciate Leo’s enthusiastic behaviors. – Karen P.

I have a completely new understanding of positive reward training and its effectiveness.

It accomplished the goals set forward and provided a variety that kept owners and dogs engaged.

Betsy is an amazing trainer for dogs and humans! She did a great job incorporating my son to help build his confidence. I am grateful for the creation of this class! We will be back for other classes! – Erin E. (Puppy Travels)

I was really surprised that all these dogs who had various levels of training could be together without chaos. Roseanne did a great job of managing the crowd. – Donna S.

Roseanne was always so positive with the dogs and with us humans. She was easy to understand and I found her very helpful when I was struggling. – Linnea G.

Loved this as a time to bond with my puppy and increase the communication that we have between us. Also, it was a great chance to talk to other puppy owners and share stories and not feel so alone in raising a hellion. – Christy K

Lee is absolutely invaluable. She even reached out to me after the course was completed. I would love every class to be taught by her and I plan to attend more with Boomer. – Tiffany M.

What surprised you most in this course? The amount of kindness and support we received from the other students. Felt like family. – Nicole N.

It was fun and helped me learn more about my dog. This is our first puppy and it was really hard in the beginning. This really helped me learn about how a dog thinks and learns. – Jenny M.

It helped us to know how best to train our puppy and provided confidence in ourselves to do so. Our puppy really enjoyed coming to class and the interaction with the instructor and others in the class. – Francine W

Roseanne was excellent! She was professional, personal, very knowledgeable to both dog and owners. – LaDora F.

We had done other training in the past, from pet store to in-home training. This time it seems to be clicking with him – I will have to keep up my end so it doesn’t go lax. – Heather M.

I truly enjoyed the class. The small class size and varied breed of dogs enhanced the experience. I also enjoyed the weekly recaps and practice seasons.

Sarge and I had a good time in class. What we learned was relevant and practical for use outside of class. – Jess F. (Come & Go)

We absolutely appreciated and loved working with Roseanne! Roseanne offers so much knowledge and patience and it truly shows her passion for working with both the animals and their owners. – Alexis S.

What did you like most about the training program? The one on one attention I was able to get with my dog. – Tiffany M.

I thought training would be extremely difficult to do. I found that once our dog understood the positive reinforcement techniques, adding new instruction came easier. – Francine W

I enjoyed Roseanne’s frank and fun manner. I also appreciated that there were multiple methods presented to teach a behavior, such as the different ways to keep your dog from jumping up.

We loved everything about this class and look forward to signing up for the next class. – Desiree D. (Puppy Travels)

I cannot say enough about the program. A few days after graduation, Cooper had a vet appointment. The vet and the office staff were amazed! As Cooper was well know in the vet’s office by all … he was “very spirited.” They were very impressed.- LaDora F.

Some of what we learned is generalizing nicely. When meeting a complete stranger there was no barking, no jumping, loved being petted by somebody he didn’t know. – Donna S.

I was surprised most by the depth of the curriculum and how much my dog learned in just six weeks.

What surprised you most in this course? How it sometimes seems so simple when she explained it but I would have never thought of it. – Tiffany M.

I like the hands on experience, both inside and outside. The instructors were helpful in providing guidance along the way. – Jess F. (Come & Go)

The reviews online said this was a great training facility and they were correct. Enjoyed all of it, learned a lot, and had fun! – Arul S. & Rhys

Thank you, we really enjoyed the entire class & we both learned a lot. Appreciate Betsy’s patience with the both of us & positive way to point out how we could improve. We look forward to coming back. – Karen P.

I loved the trainer and I loved the little dog Dinah and her person that were there to show the behaviors, they were fabulous. I will be signing Otto up for more classes as soon as we can! Thanks Redfern, I’m glad I found you! – Jennifer C.

 Comfortable atmosphere and positive vibes always. Even when our puppy was the crazy one every week. – Stacey H.

Roseanne has such a big heart and a great sense of humor. She has high standards though and is strict. She expects quality and challenges everyone to be the best they can be, but she is never harsh or cruel. Her genuine love for the dogs and for teaching is quite palpable. – Nicole N.

Hi Roseanne,

I wanted to share with you then thank you.

Winston and I took your beginners last summer. He was only a couple months old. Even though I have laxed on training and thought about the refresher course he is still pretty good with the basics.

Last night, I was working in my garden. Winston was out with me … lying beside the garden. He barked and started growling and when I looked up, there was a bear at the edge of the property, just a couple feet away. When Winston barked the bear jumped into the woods and took off. Afraid Winston would give chase, I said “leave it, with me” and headed into the house. He stayed by my side and walked with me!!

So, thank you because I truly believe without your class it would have been a very different outcome.

Cheryl I. and Winston

I really enjoyed the positive reinforcement training. Each week in class I saw improvement with my dog. We really enjoyed the comradery that was developed in the class. – Matthew M.

It was a small enough group we could spread out and practice during class. Homework was given and we needed to work with our dog to make that improvement. – Heather M.

Mimi our Havanese pup will be one year old May 2nd.  She completed her advanced manners course with Robin Brightbill. We learned a lot from Robin. We watched her interact with all the other participants and their dogs, she did great. Robin is very talented and gifted. Her love for dogs shines brightly. She is determined that all of us learn and take away good behaviors and also learn how to prevent and redirect bad behaviors. She takes the time to listen to the owners progress and/or concerns. She has a wonderful disposition and I might add we had some pretty large dogs in our class. A couple of shy ones and some crazy ones too. By the time we completed the course we could look around and see how each of us gained and learned. Dogs’ behaviors improved. Some began to trust more and others calmed down. It was a wonderful experience. – Joanne W.

The course was very well done. We appreciated the effective communication, the fact that all the exercises were demonstrated using the dogs in the class, and the fact that the curriculum was available online. – Karen L.

What did you like most about the training program? Hands on, practice time in class to implement and come up with questions, seeing instructor show proper implementation with her dog – Allison G.

I was surprised by how close everyone in the class became. We were like an extended dog family by the last class. – Matthew M.

The class was very informative and enjoyable as well as a learning experience. Roseanne, we enjoyed the way you taught the class as well as the different stories. No matter how many questions I asked you were always very thorough in your explanations which was very helpful!! Thank you and hope to see again! – Margaret W.

The thing that surprised me most these past 6 weeks is that I have learned how to train my puppy. Thank you so much for such a positive learning environment for Xander and I.

The course was amazing and I can’t wait to take them all. – Chasity A.

I am so pleased with this training that I already signed up for the next class. – Linnea G.

Betsy encouraged us to ask questions related to issues or problems we were seeing with our puppies, outside of what we were learning in class and offered solutions to correct the behavior. – Eric N

My favorite part of Out and About training was how much fun we had while training our dogs. Ruby’s favorite part was going down the sliding board at the park and then watching her dog friends do the same! We were amazed at how well All of the dogs did in class and we ranged in size from a petite Biewer Terrier up to a gentle giant Irish Wolfhound. The dogs seemed to enjoy our dog parades whether in the park or in a home goods store – it was Really fun and a great class of dogs! – Monica

I really liked the positive gentle manner of the instructor, and the availability of the materials and directions online so you didn’t have to take notes or write anything down. Also, the hands on lessons with each dog having their turn to try the skills to be learned was very helpful. I also liked that anyone can do it, no matter how old or young ! – Debbie M

Overall, this course was a wonderful experience and we will be continuing Luna’s courses with Redfern Canines! We appreciate all the staff members who truly make a difference with our fur babies. – Alexis S.

I like that it was really focused on our individual needs. We were shown many different things to work on, but we could really decide what we wanted to focus on at home. (Advanced Manners) – Andrea W.

I liked the small group and how personalized it was. I also liked the change in environment which helped me to become more confident with the procedures when there are different distractions. – Erin E. (Puppy Travels)

What surprised you most in this course? How well my puppy responded and behaved in class. Also, I thought my puppy was so poorly behaved, but seeing the other puppies behaving as puppies made me realize how good I have it and how well my puppy actually listens to me…she’s just a puppy sometimes. – Christy K

If one on one time was needed with a specific dog learning something, she took the time to give the dog/owner her attention. – Rhanda C.

I was surprised how well all of the dogs did around one another for the first time. I was surprised at how much training is really required also for my pup to learn a new skill, just like people, dogs need time and training to learn. – Debbie M

 I never did formal training so I had no idea what to expect. It was actually way more fun than I thought! – Jennifer C.

Hi Betsy and Roseanne, I just wanted to thank both of you for a good class (two counting puppy class)! I’ve really learned a lot and it’s been fun challenging myself in a new way. 


I wanted to share a little story that illustrates how much Everest and I have learned from both of you. My son, Everest and I went to Fort Hunter to explore. We got there and there was a festival going on. I hesitated, a little concerned about navigating through a crowd with both my son and puppy.

However, Everest was really good and thanks to your classes I was able to handle her in the crowd. Though she pulled some, we worked through it and she got a lot of experience greeting people. In fact, a lady came up to me and complimented me for having her sit before saying hello.

We wound up staying for several hours (walking, sitting and watching dancers, eating, etc.) and Everest even sat / stood nicely in a long food line (with a kiddo eating cheese doodles right in front of us). We’d never have been able to do that had it not been for both of you. 


So, thank you!! – Kristina W. (Puppy Class and Puppy Travels)

Really love Roseanne. She loves seeing the improvement in the dogs and you can tell she loves working with them.

Kidz ‘n K9s Day Camp: Self esteem builder for the kids and building trust between kid and dog. It was amazing to see the dogs demonstrate all they learned with the help of their kid trainers. The kids and dogs accomplished more than I expected. Great course and experience for both kids and dogs. – Jane D.

What surprised you most in this course? My dog’s behavior to strangers and dealing with what comes with that. I’m glad Betsy was so helpful with that. – Erin E. (Puppy Travels)

I was pleasantly surprised how quickly and motivated Luna was to learn new skills in the 6 week time period. Also, the class time always seemed to fly by and we learned so much in each hour! – Alexis S.

I loved the passing of the dogs in the beginning, getting to know them. I loved the games at the end where we got to do everything that we had been working on. It was kinda a show and tell for the owners too. – Chasity A.

What surprised you most in this course? Such a quick response to the positive reinforcement. (How quickly they learned) – Karen P.

What surprised you most in this course? Learning how to think like the dog. The intro class and the human exercise was eye opening. Jennifer C.

The course is clear, simple and concise. Following the tips and instructions at home is vital to success. – Rosa D.

I enjoyed everything about the classes, but really appreciate the level of comfort that my puppy experienced. She loved being in class and it was a happy place for her. – Desiree D. (Puppy Travels)

I brought our golden retriever (Ellie) to Redfern as a puppy. Ellie and I continued through obedience classes, working toward a goal of becoming a therapy team. And then we moved to California! After she adjusted we found an evaluator and breezed through the certification process thanks to your amazing training guidance. As a retired reading teacher, I am excited to find a place in the established Paws to Read program here in northern CA, as well as college and first responder visits. Thank you SO MUCH for your wisdom, patience and support through this puppy’s journey. We truly couldn’t have done this without you!! – Wendy and Ellie R

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