Congratulations to the following human and canine teams on their recent accomplishments.

They all deserve to be acknowledged for their hard work!

Tricks Class—all earned their Intermediate Tricks Title. From the top going clockwise: Rhanda Campbell and Jasper, Theresa Schreiner and Marilyn, Sophie and Kelly Gherardini (not pictured), and Amber Pflueger and Meadow.
Tricks Class—all earned their Intermediate Tricks Title. From the top going clockwise: Rhanda Campbell and Jasper, Theresa Schreiner and Marilyn, Sophie and Kelly Gherardini (not pictured), and Amber Pflueger and Meadow.
STAR PuppyAlyssa Acker and Tucker24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKate Barr and Hank24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyHarvey Bartash and Merle24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyBecky Berkebile and Star24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyMichael Blevins and Mayim Chaya24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyRandi Bloes and Hanna Daisy24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyDavid Bosak and Lucky24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyLoie Bosak and Honey24-Mar-23
STAR PuppySharon Brice and Dexter24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKaren Bright and Louie24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyScott & Judy Cox and Tony24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyElizabeth Clouser and Chase24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJane Dalton and Shelby24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJeffrey Dempsey and Charlie24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyAbigail Dessecker and Caboose24-Mar-23
STAR PuppySean & Tammy Drasher and Duke24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyCarol Dudzinski and Oakley24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyStephen Dugan and Riley24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyCarol Ehnes and Daisy24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyMarisa Englebright & Daulton Smeigh and Rocky24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyErin Evans and Bingo24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJakelynn and Steve Falls and Kiwi24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyAlyssa Fortna and Scout24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJessie & Jay Green and Murphy24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJennifer Greenawalt and Winston24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyCaitlin & Nathan Grim and Ginger24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyRyan Harclerode and Ryker24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyChasity Hess and Parker24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyBill & Maureen Hickey and Finnigan24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyBetsy Howell and Charlotte24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyCheryl Isett and Ranger24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyBeverly Johnson and Lily24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKirk Johnson and Frida24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJay Kern and Mocha24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJacqueline Kofalt and Kai24-Mar-23
STAR PuppySandy Kray and Oakley24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyDale and Diane Krug and Lenny24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyBrenda Leader and Faith24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyBrenda Leader and Marty24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJonathan Lee and Cookie24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyAmy Lintz and Norman24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyEmily Longenecker and Bean24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyReid & Kiersten Lowery and Strider24-Mar-23
STAR PuppySteve & Jake Lynn and Piper24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyMarc Mankarious and Teddy24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyLois Mason and Tasha24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyMike Meek and Harlee24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyAngela Mesceda and Hunter24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyAnn Messner and Koda24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJennifer Mignot and Millie Mae24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKristine Moore and Zoe24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyTom Moraski and Bohdi24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJill Morrow and Taylor24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyLillian Nunez and Luna Star24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyDina Orfanelli and Teddy24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyThomas & Kelly Pallis and Callie24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKrista Peachy & Devin Carper and Owen24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKaren Pelton and Leo24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyRoxana Plaski and Ross24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyWendy Remsnyder and Bentley24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyRhonda Renwick and Madison24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJill Ruhl and Poppy24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyNatthapol Sangdey and Dodger24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJoshua Schiffman and Samus24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyWendy Simmers and Leo24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKate Simmons & Zachary Cerrone and Wrangler24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyRayme Smith and Yara24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKristen Smoluk and Millie24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyAlexis Stoltz and Luna24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyNicholas Stoltz and Peaches24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyDonna & Barry Struck and Goose24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKarissa Swartz and Finn24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKathleen Wallace and Ranger24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJama Wampler and Pepper24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKristina Watson and Everest Starlight24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyTaylor Weisman and Kira24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJessica & Todd Wickenheisser and Arlo24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyPeggy Witmer and Marley24-Mar-23
STAR PuppySeth & Andrea Wolfinger and Murray24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJim & Joanne Wolowicz and Mimi Lynn24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyMichael & Julie Yutesler and Leia24-Mar-23
Novice TricksCheryl DeMarkis and Mia24-Mar-23
Novice TricksMonica Kline and Ruby24-Mar-23
Novice TricksNichole Neidig and Jackson24-Mar-23
Novice TricksEleanor Parker and Emmy24-Mar-23
Novice TricksBonnie Roberts and Kalli24-Mar-23
Novice TricksBonnie Roberts and Kara24-Mar-23
Novice TricksPriscilla Secord and Daisy24-Mar-23
Advanced TricksRhanda Campbell and Finn24-Mar-23
Advanced TricksMonica Kline and Ruby24-Mar-23
Advanced TricksNichole Neidig and Jackson24-Mar-23
Scent WorkDeb Hanna and Duncan (UKC)--Novice24-Mar-23
Scent WorkDeb Hanna and Rene (AKC SIN)--Novice24-Mar-23
Scent WorkDeb Hanna and Rene (CPE)--Level 224-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Chris Androski and Freia24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Marjorie Beyer and Ellie24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Amy Harbold and Teygan24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Stephanie Jones and Indy24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Robin Malloy and Reign24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Ann Messner and Luna24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Eleanor Parker and Emmy24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Emily Stence and Lola24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. Ph.D.Chris Androski and Freia24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. Ph.D.Marji Beyer and Ellie24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. Ph.D.Ann Messner and Luna24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. Ph.D.Maria Slabonik and Nutmeg24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. Ph.D.Emily Stence and Lola24-Mar-23