Congratulations to the following human and canine teams on their recent accomplishments.

They all deserve to be acknowledged for their hard work!

STAR PuppyRoger Baer with Rey03/22/22
STAR PuppySusan Dahmus with Murphy03/22/22
STAR PuppyDaniel & Janet Diaz with Gabby03/22/22
STAR PuppyElizabeth Garneau with Barley03/22/22
STAR PuppyElizabeth Humphries with Maverick03/22/22
STAR PuppyKeith Koenig with Hazel03/22/22
STAR PuppyPat Kiley with Henry03/22/22
STAR PuppyCathy & Jay Lantzy with Xena03/22/22
STAR PuppyScott & Carol Longwell with Winnie03/22/22
STAR PuppyBrendan & Erica MacFarlane with Forrest03/22/22
STAR PuppyKaren Mojecki with Harley03/22/22
STAR PuppyJenny, Joel & George Myers with Daisy03/22/22
STAR PuppyJon & Wendy Peterson with Zoey03/22/22
STAR PuppyKristin Ramirez with Goose03/22/22
STAR PuppyKaren Lutz & Susan Reinard with Cassy03/22/22
STAR PuppyBecky Smolick & Nick Beck with Karl03/22/22
C.L.A.S.S. B.A.Chris Androski with Freia03/22/22
C.L.A.S.S. B.A.Marji Beyer with Ellie03/22/22
C.L.A.S.S. B.A.Rhonda Foster with May-Lee03/22/22
C.L.A.S.S. B.A.Helen Knerr with Annie Mae03/22/22
Canine Good CitizenDonna Frankford with Alice03/22/22
Canine Good CitizenDenise Gwilt with Gabby03/22/22
Canine Good CitizenBrenda Krebs with Harper03/22/22
Canine Good CitizenGayle Leader with Chica03/22/22
Canine Good CitizenVictoria Lichtenwalner with Lily03/22/22
Canine Good CitizenDonata Povilaityte with Brutus03/22/22
Canine Good CitizenDenise Verchimak with Jax03/22/22
Canine Good CitizenMary & Gianna Zanolini with Pippa03/22/22
STAR PuppyElissa Arch with Maya03/22/22
STAR PuppyDanielle Baker with Luna03/22/22
STAR PuppyJim & Pat Boback with Jackson03/22/22
STAR PuppyJana & Jeff Bowra with Lucy03/22/22
STAR PuppyAllison Bozis & Benjamin Gorman with Finnley03/22/22
STAR PuppyRobin Brightbill with Chloe03/22/22
STAR PuppyMelissa Bryan with Blaze03/22/22
STAR PuppyShannon Cheatham with Amaya03/22/22
STAR PuppyFelicia Cruz with Bear03/22/22
STAR PuppyJennifer Cupp with Otto03/22/22
STAR PuppyGina DaGrosa with Felix03/22/22
STAR PuppyMaria Davis with Coco03/22/22
STAR PuppyElizabeth DeSousa with Maisie03/22/22
STAR PuppyAmanda Doesburg with Mildred03/22/22
STAR PuppySue Drda with Millie03/22/22
STAR PuppyJason Elder with Bolo03/22/22
STAR PuppyPayton & Lindsey Frailey with Paisley03/22/22
STAR PuppyAlysa George with Ranger03/22/22
STAR PuppyMichael Gray with Sadie03/22/22
STAR PuppyStacey & Chuck Hughes with Del03/22/22
STAR PuppyAlexis Jackson with Banjo03/22/22
STAR PuppyJames & Amy Kayer with Callie03/22/22
STAR PuppyAllison Kelly with Gus03/22/22
STAR PuppyBrandon Kiley with Tucker03/22/22
STAR PuppyMegan Koon with Tank03/22/22
STAR PuppyJill Kusic with Wilson03/22/22
STAR PuppyStephen & Jennifer Kuziw with Annie03/22/22
STAR PuppyRobin & Mark Lauermann with Trey03/22/22
STAR PuppyNada Manmiller with Pepper03/22/22
STAR PuppyDennis & Jackie McMichael with Ellie03/22/22
STAR PuppyBrad Miller with Rubi03/22/22
STAR PuppySally Nebiker with Frankie03/22/22
STAR PuppyGeorge Pecchio with Spicy03/22/22
STAR PuppyIan Phillips with Sage03/22/22
STAR PuppySherri Phillips with Del03/22/22
STAR PuppyLynnette Ray with Willie03/22/22
STAR PuppyAmy Romanofsky with Penny (aka Fawn)03/22/22
STAR PuppyMichael Sage with River03/22/22
STAR PuppyAshley Shirk with Ahsoka03/22/22
STAR PuppyPatricia Stoltzfus with Nellie03/22/22
STAR PuppyMary Weaver with Brody03/22/22
STAR PuppyMonica Whittaker with Sally03/22/22
STAR PuppyDaniel Zeller with Scooter McGee03/22/22