Congratulations to the following human and canine teams on their recent accomplishments.

They all deserve to be acknowledged for their hard work!

Therapy Dog CertificationBetsy Howell with Poppins (Alliance of Therapy Dogs)08/05/21
AKC Scent Work – Novice ExteriorsDeb Hanna with Rene08/05/21
AKC Scent Work – Novice ContainersDeb Hanna with Rene08/05/21
Canine Good CitizenVilette Uhl with Honey08/05/21
STAR PuppyMarilyn Berlinsky & Steven Smith with Faith08/05/21
STAR PuppySuzanne Chrisemer with Regan08/05/21
STAR PuppyJanet & David Hahalen with Emmie08/05/21
STAR PuppyShelly Kunkel with Yeti08/05/21
STAR PuppyJackie Levy with Lucy08/05/21
STAR PuppySara Mills with Tilly08/05/21
STAR PuppyDonna & Earl Rhodes with Sterling08/05/21
STAR PuppyTara Shaffer with Benny08/05/21
STAR PuppyWendy Skaggs with Lincoln08/05/21
STAR PuppyLaura Beasley & Karen Moyer with Leo11/11/21
STAR PuppyKelly Burnhisel and Archie11/11/21
STAR PuppyScott & Alison Cranston with Ginger11/11/21
STAR PuppyKimberly Doerr with Rockit11/11/21
STAR PuppyLiesl Douglas with Winston11/11/21
STAR PuppyPat Eisenhauer with Ringo11/11/21
STAR PuppyJim & Lauren Fenush with Nittany11/11/21
STAR PuppyDanielle Gaidos with Astryd11/11/21
STAR PuppyDenise Gwilt with Gabby11/11/21
STAR PuppyJennifer Herneisey with Lola11/11/21
STAR PuppyKaren Hernley with Tucker11/11/21
STAR PuppySuzanne Itzko and Riley11/11/21
STAR PuppyChristy Kam and Ursa11/11/21
STAR PuppyBrady Keyser with Scout11/11/21
STAR PuppyMonica Kline & Dennis Balbac with Ruby11/11/21
STAR PuppyMichael McKoin with Beau11/11/21
STAR PuppyEmilie McVey with Finnigan11/11/21
STAR PuppyDale Murphy & Hannah Kerstetter with Harper11/11/21
STAR PuppyAidan Natirboff with Booker11/11/21
STAR PuppyDaniel Natirboff with Charlie11/11/21
STAR PuppyEric Neiswinter with Pippin11/11/21
STAR PuppyShirley Nye with Louie11/11/21
STAR PuppyBarry & Judy Potteiger and Oshie11/11/21
STAR PuppyPatricia Snyder with Ruby11/11/21
STAR PuppyJamie & Matthew Straining with Leo11/11/21
STAR PuppyLaura Trimble with Galaxy11/11/21
STAR PuppyLaurie Zlogar with Smokey11/11/21
AKC Scent WorkBetsy Howell with Portia--Novice Containers11/11/21
AKC Scent WorkBetsy Howell with Portia--Novice Exteriors11/11/21
Community CanineDenise Gwilt with Gabby11/11/21
Community CanineEleanor Parker with Winnie11/11/21
Community CanineMarilyn Wagner with Jane Frances11/11/21
Urban CanineDenise Gwilt with Gabby11/11/21
Urban CanineEleanor Parker with Winnie11/11/21
Urban CanineMarilyn Wagner with Jane Frances11/11/21