Congratulations to the following human and canine teams on their recent accomplishments.

They all deserve to be acknowledged for their hard work!

STAR PuppyAlyssa Acker and Tucker24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKate Barr and Hank24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyHarvey Bartash and Merle24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyBecky Berkebile and Star24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyMichael Blevins and Mayim Chaya24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyRandi Bloes and Hanna Daisy24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyDavid Bosak and Lucky24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyLoie Bosak and Honey24-Mar-23
STAR PuppySharon Brice and Dexter24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKaren Bright and Louie24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyScott & Judy Cox and Tony24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyElizabeth Clouser and Chase24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJane Dalton and Shelby24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJeffrey Dempsey and Charlie24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyAbigail Dessecker and Caboose24-Mar-23
STAR PuppySean & Tammy Drasher and Duke24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyCarol Dudzinski and Oakley24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyStephen Dugan and Riley24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyCarol Ehnes and Daisy24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyMarisa Englebright & Daulton Smeigh and Rocky24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyErin Evans and Bingo24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJakelynn and Steve Falls and Kiwi24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyAlyssa Fortna and Scout24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJessie & Jay Green and Murphy24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJennifer Greenawalt and Winston24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyCaitlin & Nathan Grim and Ginger24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyRyan Harclerode and Ryker24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyChasity Hess and Parker24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyBill & Maureen Hickey and Finnigan24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyBetsy Howell and Charlotte24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyCheryl Isett and Ranger24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyBeverly Johnson and Lily24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKirk Johnson and Frida24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJay Kern and Mocha24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJacqueline Kofalt and Kai24-Mar-23
STAR PuppySandy Kray and Oakley24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyDale and Diane Krug and Lenny24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyBrenda Leader and Faith24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyBrenda Leader and Marty24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJonathan Lee and Cookie24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyAmy Lintz and Norman24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyEmily Longenecker and Bean24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyReid & Kiersten Lowery and Strider24-Mar-23
STAR PuppySteve & Jake Lynn and Piper24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyMarc Mankarious and Teddy24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyLois Mason and Tasha24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyMike Meek and Harlee24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyAngela Mesceda and Hunter24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyAnn Messner and Koda24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJennifer Mignot and Millie Mae24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKristine Moore and Zoe24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyTom Moraski and Bohdi24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJill Morrow and Taylor24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyLillian Nunez and Luna Star24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyDina Orfanelli and Teddy24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyThomas & Kelly Pallis and Callie24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKrista Peachy & Devin Carper and Owen24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKaren Pelton and Leo24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyRoxana Plaski and Ross24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyWendy Remsnyder and Bentley24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyRhonda Renwick and Madison24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJill Ruhl and Poppy24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyNatthapol Sangdey and Dodger24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJoshua Schiffman and Samus24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyWendy Simmers and Leo24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKate Simmons & Zachary Cerrone and Wrangler24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyRayme Smith and Yara24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKristen Smoluk and Millie24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyAlexis Stoltz and Luna24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyNicholas Stoltz and Peaches24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyDonna & Barry Struck and Goose24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKarissa Swartz and Finn24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKathleen Wallace and Ranger24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJama Wampler and Pepper24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyKristina Watson and Everest Starlight24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyTaylor Weisman and Kira24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJessica & Todd Wickenheisser and Arlo24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyPeggy Witmer and Marley24-Mar-23
STAR PuppySeth & Andrea Wolfinger and Murray24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyJim & Joanne Wolowicz and Mimi Lynn24-Mar-23
STAR PuppyMichael & Julie Yutesler and Leia24-Mar-23
Novice TricksCheryl DeMarkis and Mia24-Mar-23
Novice TricksMonica Kline and Ruby24-Mar-23
Novice TricksNichole Neidig and Jackson24-Mar-23
Novice TricksEleanor Parker and Emmy24-Mar-23
Novice TricksBonnie Roberts and Kalli24-Mar-23
Novice TricksBonnie Roberts and Kara24-Mar-23
Novice TricksPriscilla Secord and Daisy24-Mar-23
Advanced TricksRhanda Campbell and Finn24-Mar-23
Advanced TricksMonica Kline and Ruby24-Mar-23
Advanced TricksNichole Neidig and Jackson24-Mar-23
Scent WorkDeb Hanna and Duncan (UKC)--Novice24-Mar-23
Scent WorkDeb Hanna and Rene (AKC SIN)--Novice24-Mar-23
Scent WorkDeb Hanna and Rene (CPE)--Level 224-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Chris Androski and Freia24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Marjorie Beyer and Ellie24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Amy Harbold and Teygan24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Stephanie Jones and Indy24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Robin Malloy and Reign24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Ann Messner and Luna24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Eleanor Parker and Emmy24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Emily Stence and Lola24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. Ph.D.Chris Androski and Freia24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. Ph.D.Marji Beyer and Ellie24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. Ph.D.Ann Messner and Luna24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. Ph.D.Maria Slabonik and Nutmeg24-Mar-23
C.L.A.S.S. Ph.D.Emily Stence and Lola24-Mar-23