Congratulations to the following human and canine teams on their recent accomplishments.

They all deserve to be acknowledged for their hard work!

C.L.A.S.S. B.A.Wendy Royer with Ellie05/29/21
C.L.A.S.S. B.A.Db Smoluk with Bailey05/29/21
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Lauren Dungan with Zipper05/29/21
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Kathy Heym with Luna05/29/21
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Maria Slabonik with Nutmeg05/29/21
STAR PuppyGeorgia Bailey with Biscuit05/29/21
STAR PuppyRenee Balliet with Sheba05/29/21
STAR PuppyDawn Bolin with Murphy05/29/21
STAR PuppyThomas Bolin with Bear05/29/21
STAR PuppyColleen Dougan with Pumpkin05/29/21
STAR PuppyKeith Dowling with Willow05/29/21
STAR PuppyCraig Ernst with Arty05/29/21
STAR PuppyStephanie & Carly Fellin with Sojo05/29/21
STAR PuppyRhonda & Jim Foster with Maylee05/29/21
STAR PuppyMario Frattaroli with Rose05/29/21
STAR PuppyAmy Harbold with Teygan05/29/21
STAR PuppyCody Hassler with Steel05/29/21
STAR PuppyJune Family with Bozley05/29/21
STAR PuppyPaul Kayes with Razor05/29/21
STAR PuppyBrad Moyer & Kali Krause with Charlie05/29/21
STAR PuppyJenn O'Donnell with Klaus05/29/21
STAR PuppyXavier Peter-Fritts with Jedi05/29/21
STAR PuppyTanja Price with Milo05/29/21
STAR PuppyAmanda Ream with Lenni05/29/21
STAR PuppyDiane Rhine with Obi05/29/21
STAR PuppyJennifer & Marshall Stevens with Leota05/29/21
STAR PuppyElizabeth & Robert Sweigart with Hazel05/29/21
STAR PuppyNicole Thomas with Odie05/29/21
STAR PuppyMary Zanolini with Pippa05/29/21
Advanced TricksHowell, Betsy with Portia05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. B.A.Bonner, Teresa with Nisha05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. B.A.Brightbill, Robin with Snowball05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. B.A.Dungan-Shope, Lauren with Zipper05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. B.A.Heym, Kathy with Luna05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. B.A.McCarthy, Jenna with Oliver05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. B.A.Miller, Beth with Mocha05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. B.A.Shiley, Jane with Missy05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. B.A.Slabonik, Maria with Nutmeg05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. B.A.Toth, Katie with Tilly05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. B.A.Verchimak, Denise with Jax05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. B.A.Weisser, Desiree with Snickers05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Brightbill, Robin with Snowball05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. M.A.Miller, Beth with Mocha05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. Ph.D.Bonner, Teresa with Nisha05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. Ph.D.Brightbill, Robin with Snowball05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. Ph.D.Clayman, Adam with Tilly05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. Ph.D.Miller, Beth with Mocha05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. Ph.D.Povilattyte, Donata with Cooper05/07/21
C.L.A.S.S. Ph.D.Shiley, Jane with Missy05/07/21
Community CanineStrauch, Linda with Dreamer05/07/21
Intermediate RallyHowell, Betsy with Portia05/07/21
STAR PuppyAndroski, Chris with Freia05/07/21
STAR PuppyBrandt, Heather with Journey05/07/21
STAR PuppyBrown, Leah & Michael with Murphy05/07/21
STAR PuppyCampbell, Pam with Swansea05/07/21
STAR PuppyCastano, Jennifer & Daniel Cadden with Mochi05/07/21
STAR PuppyCole, Brandon & Bianca with Sully05/07/21
STAR PuppyColeman, Kevin with Sammy05/07/21
STAR PuppyDarkes, Barbara with Clover05/07/21
STAR PuppyDaukshun, Danielle with Ella05/07/21
STAR PuppyDeBell, Jen & Ben with Solo05/07/21
STAR PuppyDerr, Stephen with Brandy05/07/21
STAR PuppyDiehl, Tracy with Remy05/07/21
STAR PuppyDungan-Shope, Lauren with Zipper05/07/21
STAR PuppyFisher, Amy with Stella05/07/21
STAR PuppyFoley, Tom & Teresa with Skye05/07/21
STAR PuppyFrantz, Bill & Bernadette with Ryder05/07/21
STAR PuppyFuller, Judi with Teddy05/07/21
STAR PuppyGaidos, Danielle with Ember05/07/21
STAR PuppyGilmore, Bob & Debora with Macy05/07/21
STAR PuppyHansel, Dakota & Amy with Brutus05/07/21
STAR PuppyHeaton, Ray & Nicold with Hannah05/07/21
STAR PuppyHench, Stef & Cory Demers with Dexter05/07/21
STAR PuppyHenry, Tara with Duke05/07/21
STAR PuppyHerman, Beth with Luna05/07/21
STAR PuppyHolmes, Amanda with Hazel05/07/21
STAR PuppyHolmes, Marjorie with Sophie05/07/21
STAR PuppyJacunski, Kayla with Arlo05/07/21
STAR PuppyKunisky, Sue & Steve with Sunny05/07/21
STAR PuppyLammondo, Vicki with Fridge05/07/21
STAR PuppyLichtenwalner, Victoria with Lily05/07/21
STAR PuppyLudlam, Laura with Flynn05/07/21
STAR PuppyMcCampbell, Beth with Luna05/07/21
STAR PuppyMcCarter, Larry & Maureen with Lily Belle05/07/21
STAR PuppyMcCoy, Betsy with Cooper05/07/21
STAR PuppyMcGarvey, Jenny with Hope05/07/21
STAR PuppyMcKenzie, Debra with Josie05/07/21
STAR PuppyMerrifield, Craig & Toni with Imogene05/07/21
STAR PuppyMiller, Rachel & Joshua with Batty05/07/21
STAR PuppyMiller, Scott & Georgee with Onyx Payne05/07/21
STAR PuppyMinnich, Melissa with Sophie05/07/21
STAR PuppyO'Donovan, Alex and Codie Smith with Ollie05/07/21
STAR PuppyParker, Eleanor with Mitzi05/07/21
STAR PuppyRedline, Joan with Redda05/07/21
STAR PuppyReese, Cocy & Stephanie with Rex05/07/21
STAR PuppyRhine, Pat with Finnigan05/07/21
STAR PuppyRueppel, Ed & Laurel with Leo05/07/21
STAR PuppyRussoli, Maria with Bella05/07/21
STAR PuppySanabria, Andrew with Mable05/07/21
STAR PuppySchroeder, Hans with Dodger05/07/21
STAR PuppyShutt, Loretta and Brandon Albright with BoLee05/07/21
STAR PuppySimmers, Andrea with Gracie05/07/21
STAR PuppySlabonik, Maria with Piper05/07/21
STAR PuppySypolt, Mary Lou with Finneus05/07/21
STAR PuppyTallman, Grace Mae with Miss Daisy05/07/21
STAR PuppyThomasma, Joanna with Rita05/07/21
STAR PuppyVerchimak, Denise with Jax05/07/21
STAR PuppyWagner, Connie with Zanji05/07/21
STAR PuppyWeisser, Desiree with Snickers05/07/21
STAR PuppyWenna, Dave with Hayden05/07/21
STAR PuppyWitmer, Rachel & Freddy Palomino with Chanka05/07/21
STAR PuppyYager, Sandra with Poppy05/07/21
STAR PuppyYingling, Garth & Jen with Roxy05/07/21
STAR PuppyChris Bonifanti with Rocky07/02/21
STAR PuppyAngela Bransteitter with Jolly07/02/21
STAR PuppyCheryl & Joseph Carper with Phoebe07/02/21
STAR PuppyOliver & Jennifer Cromwell with Ruby07/02/21
STAR PuppyJamie Deimling with Beau07/02/21
STAR PuppyTim Deimling with Cassie07/02/21
STAR PuppyMarcie Floyd with Bailey07/02/21
STAR PuppyKelly & Jason Hairston with Daisy07/02/21
STAR PuppyLawrence & Nan Holley with Zeze07/02/21
STAR PuppyElizabeth Kotzmoyer with Ren07/02/21
STAR PuppySylvia Larson with Luna07/02/21
STAR PuppyJennifer Mariano with Meatball07/02/21
STAR PuppyJoanne Murphy with Purl07/02/21
STAR PuppyAllen Pettis with Enzo07/02/21
STAR PuppyRachel Pierce with Barkley07/02/21
STAR PuppyErin Price with River07/02/21
STAR PuppyJennifer Quinde with Pluto07/02/21
Canine Good CitizenMarilyn Wagner with Jane Frances07/02/21
Therapy Dog CertificationBetsy Howell with Hanna (Caring Hearts)07/02/21
Therapy Dog CertificationTheresa Schreiner with Puzzle (Alliance of Therapy Dogs)07/02/21
CPE Scent Sport--Level 1Deb Hanna with Rene07/02/21
Therapy Dog CertificationBetsy Howell with Poppins (Alliance of Therapy Dogs)08/05/21
AKC Scent Work – Novice ExteriorsDeb Hanna with Rene08/05/21
AKC Scent Work – Novice ContainersDeb Hanna with Rene08/05/21
Canine Good CitizenVilette Uhl with Honey08/05/21
STAR PuppyMarilyn Berlinsky & Steven Smith with Faith08/05/21
STAR PuppySuzanne Chrisemer with Regan08/05/21
STAR PuppyJanet & David Hahalen with Emmie08/05/21
STAR PuppyShelly Kunkel with Yeti08/05/21
STAR PuppyJackie Levy with Lucy08/05/21
STAR PuppySara Mills with Tilly08/05/21
STAR PuppyDonna & Earl Rhodes with Sterling08/05/21
STAR PuppyTara Shaffer with Benny08/05/21
STAR PuppyWendy Skaggs with Lincoln08/05/21