Training Class Descriptions

Puppy Class

An entry level class consisting of the Introduction to Training Seminar followed by 6 weekly classes. This course is designed for puppies under the age of 7 months as of the first day of class and places special emphasis on socialization. Basic obedience skills and training techniques and tips are the focus of this class. Skills taught include sit, down, come, stand, loose leash walking, no jumping, and attention.

Beginners Class — Basic Training Principles/Methodology

An entry level class consisting of the Introduction to Training Seminar followed by 6 weekly classes. This course is designed for dogs 7 months of age and older as of the first day of class. Basic obedience skills and training techniques and tips are the focus of this class. Skills taught include sit, down, come, stand, loose leash walking, no jumping, and attention.

Reactive Rover New!

Reactive Rover is a class is for dogs who bark and lunge at other dogs when on leash.

The class will help you develop appropriate training and management skills in a controlled setting and will help you teach your dog to respond appropriately in the presence of other dogs.

Reactive Rover is not for dogs who are reactive to people, have a bite history, or are aggressive to other dogs in your home.


Advanced Manners Class

This class is a continuation of either the Puppy Basics or Beginners Basics classes. More attention is paid to teaching and cementing basic obedience skills such as stay, leave it, ignoring distractions, and performing well outdoors. Special emphasis is placed on self-control. Dogs practice going through doors, going to a mat, settling under a chair, and calm behavior when someone comes to the door.

C.L.A.S.S. (Canine Life And Social Skills)

C.L.A.S.S. stands for Canine Life And Social Skills and is a 3 tiered program that uses positive reinforcement to strengthen the relationship between humans and their canine companions. The skills are based on “real-life” activities. The tiers are sequential and must be earned in the order below.

  • B.A. (Bachelor’s Degree) skills are: wait at the door, come & leashing up, loose leash walking, attention, and settle.

  • M.A. (Master’s Degree) skills are: wait in the car, pass by other dogs, leave it, stay, handling, and loose leash walking.

  • Ph.D. (Doctorate Degree) skills are: back up, stay, meet and greet humans and dogs, table manners, and sit with distractions.

Outdoor Adventures

This course works on basic obedience skills and good manners in a different location every class. This is an advanced class that deals with distractions in the environment. The class visits such locations as pet-friendly stores, local parks, farms, and (occasionally) a local nursing home.

Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog Class

An advanced level 5-week class designed to prepare handlers and dogs to be ready to successfully pass the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title and/or to pass a Therapy Dog evaluation. The class focuses on practicing the skills used in CGC and Therapy Dog evaluations.


All dogs have the ability to use their noses. This class focuses on the techniques of scent-searching and the handler’s skill in recognizing the dog‘s signals that it has located the ‘hide’. Not only do the dogs LOVE this activity, but it is also outstanding for developing self-confidence in all dogs. This is NOT an obedience class. Advanced classes are available using unique scents, searching vehicles, doing outdoor searches, and preparing for NoseWork competition.

Rally Obedience

This class introduces dogs and handlers to the sport of Rally Competition while also focusing on loose leash walking. All of the skills used in AKC Novice Rally will be introduced. Classes are also available in Advanced Rally and Rally Competition.

Beginner Obedience skills are a prerequisite.

Classes are available in Beginner Rally, Advanced Rally, Rally Competition and APDT Rally levels

Agility – Introduction

Introduces dogs to the obstacles used in agility competition, but at lower, safe heights. This class is good for building confidence in dogs and will prepare them for further agility classes if competition is in their future. Dogs must have taken a prior course at Redfern and must be able to work under control when off-lead in this class.

Redfern Beginner Obedience or another Redfern course is a prerequisite.

Obedience Competition Level 1 (Beginner Novice exercises)

An introduction to traditional obedience, this class teaches the individual exercises used in obedience competition trials. Classes are available in all levels from Beginner Novice through Utility.

  • Individual exercises
  • Basic concepts for training for each exercise
  • What a judge is looking for
  • What works, and what will get you into trouble

Come & Go

The purpose of Come & Go is to focus solely on improving loose leash walking and coming when called. Approximately half of each session will work with creating reliable recalls and half with improving leash walking. This is an advanced class for those who have already taken a basics class.

K9 Sampler

This introduction to several of the sports/activities available for dogs highlights a different activity each week. The dogs and handlers will be introduced to Rally Obedience, NoseWork, Agility, Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog evaluations, and tricks in this advanced class.

Tricks Class

Teaching a dog to perform tricks is a super way to build a bond with your dog and will let you ‘show off’ to family and friends. The tricks will be selected by the handlers and will include a wide variety of skills and behaviors.

Kidz ‘n K9s Day Camp

Redfern offers a week-long, summer program for children and teens ages 7 and up. Campers may bring their own well-adjusted dogs or borrow a Redfern dog. Activities and topics covered include dog safety, training techniques, agility, nosework, basic obedience, rally obedience, and teaching tricks in addition to craft activities. Both Beginner and Advanced camps are available.

Greyhounds 101/Beginning Manners New!

Greyhounds 101/Beginning Manners is designed solely for retired racing greyhounds to help them transition from kennel to couch. The course includes an Introduction to Training seminar and 6 weekly classes. It focuses on basic skills like focused attention, down, come, loose leash walking, and no jumping. This course, taught by Lee Livingood, author of Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies, will help the retired greyhound adapt to their new world. In addition, greyhound adopters will be able to socialize their dogs, build a positive relationship with them, and learn how to teach basic skills.

This course meets the prerequisite requirement for other Redfern Canines classes.