Training Class Descriptions

Puppy Course

It’s never too early to get that puppy started with the basic skills they will need to be good family members. This entry-level class for puppies under 6 months old (at the start of class) focuses on socialization and teaches the following skills: sit, down, come, stand, loose leash walking, no jumping, and attention. The first session of the course is our Introduction to Training Seminar which teaches handlers the basics of Redfern’s training techniques.

Beginners Course — Basic Training Principles/Methodology

This is the perfect class for any dog over 6 months of age who hasn’t had any basic training, or who needs a refresher. (Yes, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!) The Beginner’s class focuses on the same basic skills as the Puppy course (sit, down, come, stand, loose leash walking, no jumping, and attention) but with some extra attention to tips for training the slightly or much older dog. Dogs of all ages are welcome in the Beginner’s class. Because the training helps to build a stronger bond and better communication between dog and person, this is an excellent class for newly adopted/rescued dogs. The first session of the course is our Introduction to Training Seminar which teaches handlers the basics of Redfern’s training techniques.

Advanced Manners

Prerequisite: Redfern Beginners Class
Redfern Puppy Class AND Redfern Puppy Travels

Advanced Manners focuses on helping your dog gain self-control and on the skills dogs will need to interact with others. These skills include good walking habits, settling quietly while you talk with someone, behaving well around other leashed dogs, staying put when asked, and so much more. If your ultimate goal with your dog is to get a CGC (Canine Good Citizen) or to become a therapy dog, or even if you just want to be able to take your dog out in public to dog-friendly places (stores or hiking and other places), Advanced Manners may be the class for you. A Redfern Beginners class OR a Redfern Puppy Class AND Redfern Puppy Travels are the prerequisites for Advanced Manners.

C.L.A.S.S. (Canine Life And Social Skills)

Prerequisites: completion of Puppy/Beginners Class and Advanced Manners

Help you dog earn his or her Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. in this three-part course designed to help your dog be welcome anywhere! Full of games that teach but are fun for you and your dog, your pup will become an expert at loose leash walking, greeting people politely, walking nicely by other dogs, leaving items – even food ones – when asked, settling quietly when you’re chatting with a friend or eating a snack, going in and out of doors nicely, and so much more. The Bachelor’s level is a prerequisite for Master’s level which is in turn a prerequisite for the PhD level. Take just the first class, two classes, or all three to have one of the best-trained dogs in the neighborhood.

Puppy Travels

Puppy Travels is a course designed to work on skills and self-confidence in multiple, public settings. During the course, we will hold the first class at Redfern’s Training Center, followed by 5 sessions held in local public areas. Goals of the class include attention in public, basic obedience in public, loose leash walking, and increasing self-confidence when in new places or when meeting new people.

Prerequisites for the course include successful completion of a Redfern Puppy or Beginners class and current vet clearances. Puppies must be under 12 months of age as of the first day of class.

Out And About

Once your dog has the hang of basic obedience skills, up the game by adding distractions your dog needs to work through! This six-week class meets in a different location each week, including local pet-friendly stores, parks, and (occasionally) a nursing home, or other locations, to practice loose-leash walking, and basic obedience skills in the company of the other dogs in the class, customers in the stores, and other distractions. An excellent class for owners who enjoy taking their dog with them to public places. This is also an excellent class to take in preparation for evaluation as a therapy dog.

Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog

Earn the AKC (American Kennel Club) Canine Good Citizen title in this class that proves to the world that your dog is a well-behaved one in public. Since many of the skills taught in this class are also ones required for Therapy Dogs, this class blends those obedience skills with experience around wheelchairs, crutches, and a variety of other things Therapy Dogs need to navigate comfortably. The final class includes testing for the CGC title, which includes loose leash walking in crowds and around other dogs, sitting and staying quietly in place, being comfortable with being petted by strangers, tolerating distractions, and other competencies needed for dogs out in public and in therapy situations.


Nose Work is a fun dog sport that any dog can do. All your dog needs is a nose! In the class your dog will learn to find hidden treats, which sounds easy – but it gets harder as the class goes on! The challenge is fun for the dogs AND builds self-confidence as your dog masters the challenges each week. Most dogs love Nose Work and it is easy to practice and enjoy at home for years to come. We guarantee your dog will be tired by the end of class but will have had a blast! Nose Work 1 is a prerequisite for all other Nose Work courses.

Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience can be done just for fun or as a competitive sport for you and your dog. AKC Rally is all about teamwork, and you and your dog will walk a course of 10-20 signs, stop at each and perform the task listed on the sign. The course and tasks change every time! Aside from just being fun, training in Rally helps your dog with loose leash walking and attention skills, and you will learn some cool moves to show off to friends. Dogs must have had beginning obedience to participate in Rally I, which teaches all the signs of AKC Novice Rally. Rally I is a prerequisite for Redfern’s more advanced rally classes.

Agility For Fun

One of the most popular dog sports in the country, this class introduces you and your dog to Agility at an introductory level. The focus of this class is on running your dog through the agility obstacles for fun and uses equipment much of the same equipment that is used in agility competition. This is a great class for very active dogs who need something to keep mind and body busy!

Dogs must have taken a prior class at Redfern and be able to work under control off-leash.

Obedience Competition Level 1 (Beginner Novice exercises)

An introduction to traditional obedience, this course teaches the individual exercises used in obedience competition trials. Courses are available in all levels from Beginner Novice through Utility.

  • Individual exercises
  • Basic concepts for training for each exercise
  • What a judge is looking for
  • What works, and what will get you into trouble

Come & Go

The purpose of Come & Go is to focus solely on improving loose leash walking and coming when called. Approximately half of each session will work with creating reliable recalls and half with improving leash walking. This is an advanced course for those who have already taken a basics course.

K9 Sampler

Have you taken a basic class or two and you’re not sure what you and your dog might like to do next? K9 Sampler is for you! Each week is an introduction to one new area of dog activities: Rally Obedience, Nose Work, Agility, Tricks, and Canine Good Citizen/Therapy dog skills. Try out the various sports and areas without having to commit to a whole class, and find out what truly sparks your and your dog’s interests.

Tricks (Trick Dog)

Do you have a fun and social dog that likes to show off a little? Is your dog a therapy dog? Has your dog done all the obedience classes and needs a new challenge? The Tricks class is a great way to have fun with your dog, strengthen your bond with each other, and test your skills as a trainer. Therapy dogs with a handful of tricks will absolutely delight those they visit, and who can resist the dog that says her prayers on cue? We’ll learn simple tricks that are great in public like shake, high five, and wave bye-bye as well as more advanced ones that will really show off your dog’s talents. Classes will be tailored to the skill levels of the dogs in attendance, and handlers may also work on tricks of their own choosing. Those who wish, at the end of the course, may test for the American Kennel Club’s AKC Trick Dog: Novice level.

Kidz ‘n K9s Day Camp

Redfern offers a week-long, summer program for children and teens ages 7 and up. Campers may bring their own well-adjusted dogs or borrow a Redfern dog. Activities and topics covered include dog safety, training techniques, agility, nosework, basic obedience, rally obedience, and teaching tricks in addition to craft activities. Both Beginner and Advanced camps are available.

Greyhounds 101/Beginning Manners

Greyhounds 101/Beginning Manners is designed for retired racing greyhounds or sighthounds from similar situations to help them transition from kennel to couch. The course includes an Introduction to Training seminar and 6 weekly sessions. It focuses on basic skills like focused attention, down, come, loose leash walking, and no jumping. This course, taught by Lee Livingood, author of Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies, will help retired greyhounds and sighthounds from similar situations adapt to their new world. In addition, adopters will be able to socialize their dogs, build a positive relationship with them, and learn how to teach basic skills.

This course meets the prerequisite requirement for other Redfern Canines classes.

Reactive Rover

Reactive Rover (RR) is a program for dogs who react inappropriately to other dogs when they are on leash in public or in controlled settings like a class. It is not a program for dogs who are reactive or aggressive to humans. It is not for dogs who have bitten or attacked other dogs.

The intent of RR is to introduce specific foundation skills to you and your dog that will help you to better manage your dog’s behavior when in the presence of other dogs, improve your dog’s impulse control and focus, and modify your dog’s reaction to other dogs when on leash in public.

AKC Fit Dog

The AKC Fit Dog program is a series of 3 levels of courses for helping to keep you and your dog in top condition. Level 1 is a six-week class designed to increase your dog’s strength and flexibility through exercises that help prevent sport-related injuries. The beginning exercises are excellent for keeping any dog healthy through paying attention to correct posture, balance, strengthening, and flexibility. It is also designed to encourage you to be active with your pup through Redfern Canine’s Fit Dog Club walks and other activities.

Dogs should have completed an Advanced Manners or other obedience class at Redfern. They should be able to focus and work on the exercises with their owner in a class situation without being distracted. Dogs should also be healthy with no issues related to legs, back or neck (or have appropriate written clearances from your vet) to participate.


Prerequisite: Redfern Puppy/Beginner class, Advanced Manners, and one OTHER Redfern class or instructor approval

Originally a sport for humans, Dog Parkour is often called Urban Agility. With its roots in military obstacle course training, Dog Parkour teaches dogs and their humans how to safely navigate Environmental Features (EF’s) such as logs, benches, narrow spaces, rocks, etc. After teaching the basics (2 feet up, get on/4 feet up, get in, go through, go around, go under, back up, go over, and wait), the class will go on the road to try out their skills in everyday situations! This will be a good confidence builder for worried pups or dogs. Prerequisites include a Redfern Puppy/Beginner class, Advanced Manners, and one OTHER Redfern class or instructor approval.