Debra Farrington

Debra has been working professionally with dogs and their owners since 2007 as a professional pet sitter, and has been training dogs at Redfern since 2011. Her own dogs have earned a variety of titles including CGC, all three levels (BA, MA, PhD) of Canine Life and Social Skills, the Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Tricks titles, and she has taken many dogs through Puppy, Beginners, and Advanced Manners classes, including a dog who was born blind. She has also taken dogs through Tricks, Rally, Nose Work, and Agility courses as well. Her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a therapy dog with two different therapy dog organizations. Debra is the author of seven books in the field of spirituality, and spent many years traveling the country leading workshops, seminars, and retreats. She loves teaching, and is thrilled to be able to combine her loves of teaching and dog training now at Redfern Canines. Debra is an AKC Fit Dog Level 1 Instructor.